Robin Marissink - Certified Bioelectric Massage Practitioner


Robin Marissink is a certified DDS Bio Electric Therapist and a certified Reiki practitioner.  Robin began her undergraduate of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo.  During a trip to Whistler she fell in love with the mountains and changed her plans in order to stay in Whistler for as long as possible.  During her time away from school she spent most of her free time snowboarding, hiking, and traveling.  After traveling to Mexico she became very ill and could not find anyone to diagnose her or relieve her of my pain for a few years.  It became her mission and her passion to pursue health and find a cure for herself. When she was told about DDS Bio Electric massage she began treatments which relieved almost all of her pain and digestive issues within a few sessions. She loved how fast and effective it was.  It was not long before Robin began to study the principles of DDS Bio Electric Massage so she could go on to help other people too.

What is DDS Therapy?

DDS Bio Electric Massage uses a low level current which mimics the body's natural current and provides both instant and cumulative results.  The current travels through the therapist's fingertips via a relaxing hands on therapy to treat nerve and muscle pain, inflammation, migraines, and digestive disorders.  DDS bioelectric massage is the perfect combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and modern scientific technology.  Robin is Whistler's only Bioelectric Massage practitioner! 


This bioelectric massage can be performed at any intensity - relaxing or deep tissue, and can be helpful for anything from stagnant energy release (similar to reiki), to severe muscle, nerve pain, broken bones, sprains, etc. 

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Vanessa Werner - Breathwork & Nervous System Regulation


Vanessa specializes in trauma recovery and somatic nervous system regulation. She is a trained facilitator in Conscious Connected Breathwork and Energy Therapy. 


Inspired by the connection of human consciousness/subconscious and mind-body awareness, Vanessa is passionate about offering a multi-modality practice that naturally encourages holistic balance and works with the wisdom of the nervous system to restore the wellbeing our bodies naturally seek to achieve. 


Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful yet gentle tool for stress management, anxiety, PTSD, depression, body-mind resilience and release of emotional blockages. When combined with supporting integrative treatments, this practice can lead to a powerful shift in nervous system health and mental, emotional, physical benefits.


Vanessa continues to expand her studies and interests in nervous system regulation, nerve flossing, Biofield tuning, pressure points, Breathwork, Thai massage, Qi gong, Yoga and Reiki.


What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

A technique that connects us to our inhale and exhale allowing the nervous systems to reset and re-sync, bringing awareness into areas of tension and subconscious holding patterns. 


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